Small children with severe visual impairment

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We focus on transitions on the 14th-15th of May 2020, when visual impairment specialists, pedagogues, lecturers and scientist from the Nordic counties come together at Hotel Scandic on Sluseholmen in Copenhagen to exchange knowledge from the important work with small children with severe visual impairment and blindness.

The conference focuses on early intervention, transition, learning and well-being of infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and children with visual impairment age 0-6 years and children with multiple disabilities (MDVI) - age 0 to a developmental age equivalent to 6 years.

The conference embraces all transitions – from the very first transition from parents and healthcare to daycare, from institution to institution, and to the crucial transition from daycare to school:

1. Infants 0 – 2 years
2. Toddlers 2 – 4 years
3. Preschoolers 4 – 6 years
4. Children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities (MDVI) from birth to a developmental age equivalent to 6 years

Call for abstracts

We invite practitioners, specialists, lecturers at educational programs and researchers from the 5 Nordic countries to share best practice, experiences and result from research. Deadline for abstract with brief summary is December 15th 2019. 

We call for abstracts on the following topics:

  • Pedagogical educational curriculum: What is the current learning agenda in the area of preschool children in the Nordic countries? How do we meet this agenda in our consultation for children with visual impairment, their family, other professionals and institutions?
  • Foundations in our current views on children with impairments
  • Inclusion in children’s communities
  • Good practice for interdisciplinary coordination and organization around child, family and institutions. How to ensure a coherent habilitation/rehabilitation effort?
  • Quality of Life (QoL) for children with visual impairment – how to examine and interpret QoL among children with impairments
  • Early childhood intervention: Vulnerability and prevention
  • Identifying and managing psychological and physical health needs
  • Emotion, behavior and psychosocial adjustment
  • Interaction, communication and self-understanding

Save the date

The conference takes place in the context of the Nordic collaboration NOVIR – Nordic Visual Impairment Network. NOVIR is a Nordic network consisting of the national visual institutions in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Synscenter Refsnæs is coordinating the conference in 2020. We aspire to create two amazing days with inspiration to practitioners as well as scientists, where we learn more about how we support the children and their family in the best possible way to successful transitions.

Save the date. Final program with registration will be released in 2020. English is the official conference language.

Download the form and send in your abstract by 15/12 2019 to
See you in Copenhagen May 2020.